Now on VOD, the last witch of Salem comes home to feast in PROSPER, a haunting odyssey of horror from Midnight Releasing.

Irene Good, a rumored descendant of Sarah Good, the first woman accused and hanged during the Salem Witch Trials, is portrayed by April Hollingsworth. Irene is a necromancer who can communicate with the dead and makes a career doing it. In an effort to find solace following his brother’s unexpected passing, Dalton (Nicholas Wolfe) pays Irene a visit one day. Dalton has brought his buddies along for the ride, but he is unaware that they are being led into a trap. But at least one of his buddies, Dalton’s best friend Sam, is wise enough to recognize that something is wrong (Shayla Love). What comes next is a night of unspeakable terror during which no one is safe and many people won’t make it out alive.

“I set out to make a movie that is going to creep you out when you’re alone, keep you awake in bed, and really screw with your mind. I’m told I did that ten times over!” – Deronte Smith (writer/director)


PROSPER also stars Davien Harlis, Renier Cortes, Walnette Marie Santiago, and Anastasia Pekhtereva. Writer and director Deronte Smith crafts a spellbinding tale of gruesome horror in the same vein of all-time classics like The Exorcist and Scream.

 “People have asked me ‘Why does the movie feel so real? I tell them it’s because the primary location was actually haunted and it comes across in the movie.” – Deronte Smith (writer/director)

Georgia was the location of PROSPER’s ultra-low budget filming. The action takes place primarily in a plantation house in Alpharetta, and this place has a frightening atmosphere that extends beyond what is seen on screen. This sinister vibe heightens the tension and offers PROSPER a fresh take on a classic story.

“PROSPER is a wild movie with a vivid depiction of the occult. It combines nail-biting suspense, fun pop culture, and a bizarre fascination with Satan.” – Darrin Ramage (CEO Midnight Releasing)

You can experience the tension for yourself right now by checking out PROSPER on all available streaming platforms.

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