Are you all set for your bridal mehndi function? Well, if you still have no idea about the crucial points to focus on in your mehndi function, we have prepared the entire checklist for you. These points will make a huge difference in enlightening your special day. Read further to know!

First, let’s begin with the significance of mehndi before the wedding! So, unlike what many of us think, the purpose of mehndi is not just the beautification of your palm or leg but also to calm your nerves. It is common for the couples, especially brides, to have pre-wedding anxiety issues and tension before marriage. The henna however, acts as a soothing agent and relaxes your mind and heart for the forthcoming big day! So, how can we miss making it a perfect mehndi function for you with all the checklists and details? Keep reading to ensure you took care of all these essentials for your bridal mehndi ritual!

Hire a Wedding Planner

A professional wedding planner is one of the best options to ensure that everything goes great at your wedding. You can literally shed all your responsibilities on them and get relaxed to become the perfect bride for your mehndi. They will take care of the decor, professional mehndi designer, the rituals essential, etc for the function. Other than that, in case of any emergency or urgent need of items, you or your family members do not have to leave the function behind. A wedding planner will take care of all the necessary stuff! 

Finalize the Photographer

Once the background and the environment for mehndi is set, someone needs to take care of the good memories. So, finalize an experienced photographer at least 4-5 months before the wedding. You obviously want the best pictures of all the decor, sweets, guests and yourself! No one other than a professional photographer will help you with the same. The photographers also have some great ideas and poses to help you click the amazing pictures. However, make sure you check the ratings and reviews before hiring one. Otherwise, all the plans and excitement will go in vain!

Establish a Dress Code

Wondering, Green is the obvious dress code for mehndi? Well, you are slightly mistaken here. In fact green has become a common choice in all the bridal mehndi functions at weddings. So, instead of simply complying with the ongoing trend you can try looking unique and different. For instance, ask all your bridesmaids and relatives to wear green colored attires while you can choose to dress in Pink or some other contrasting colors. It will not just make you look different but will also highlight your look among others. You will glow more and shine brighter than ever in bright colors at your mehndi.

Dress Carefully

Apart from selecting the right dress code for yourself and your bridesmaid, the correct dress type is also crucial. For instance, your mehndi designer might face difficulties in applying henna in tight fit or lengthy attires. So, avoid any full sleeve blouse, tight fit pants, etc on your mehndi function. It will get exhausting for both you and your designer to apply any intricate mehndi design on your palm and feet. Also, the tight clothes will make you feel uncomfortable when you will have to sit for longer duration for the mehndi function.

Select Mehndi Design Beforehanded

If you have any particular design in your head, it’s great! If not, make sure you pick your favorite mehndi design early. Most brides get busy in the pre-wedding rituals and do not get time to think or select their favorite henna pattern. So, it is only wise to do the thinking and research beforehand. Also, if you are a minimalist bride looking for minimal henna designs, you can go with the Arabic mehndi design. The Arabic patterns are less intricate and look beautiful on all palm sizes and complexions. The traditionalist brides can also go with the mandala art pattern to keep up with the aesthetic vibe. 

So, these are some of the crucial points every bride must remember for their bridal mehndi function. Other than that, don’t forget to get yourself groomed with facial, touchup and lights for the great mehndi pictures!

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