Preparations have begun for your Sonar matrimonial wedding but your physic is not ready for the big day, yet? Get yourself in shape with these easy workout regimes now!

Shaadi in India is largely about looking the best among other beautiful ceremonies that go round and round. Ideally, the bride and groom should own everything exclusive and look perfect all along the celebrations. However, no matter what you own or wear nothing can match the beauty of your confidence. So, if you are okay with your body shape right now it’s great. But if not, you can do it right in a month before your Sonar matrimonial day. Find out how in these below-given paragraphs.

Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar is a full-body exercise and pretty much enough in itself. Most people do not require to do anything additional if they are doing Surya Namskar on regular basis or daily. It consists of 12 steps in total which you can start by doing at least 6 times. After a day or two, double your count and keep pushing until you reach 50 times a day. Once you reach that count, there is nothing that can stop you from building great physic. 

This exercise will not just flatten your tummy like magic but will also keep your blood sugar level in check. Apart from that, it easily tackles all the menstrual problems for girls and makes their periods regular. Also, you will get glowing, spotless, healthy skin which you will never experience from any other beauty products or cosmetics. So, Surya Namaskar is one solution to multiple problems in making yourself look good for Sonar matrimonial wedding. Start it from today and keep pushing your count to see the best results.


Squats is one thing that will make you grateful for all the sit-up punishments you have ever gotten in school or at home. It is the same as that. All you have to do is to stretch your hands in a forward direction than holding your ears with them. This is one of the best exercises for a flat tummy and shaped back. Once you get a little flexible in days or a week, try doing the same with some weights. 

You can buy yourself dumbbells weighing around 4-8 kg and do squats with the same. It will push your stomach inside and shape your waist size soon. But make sure you do some warm-up before beginning with it to avoid any cramps or strain later. Also, you should take a proper diet along with the exercises to ensure your workout works best for you.


Nothing boosts your stamina like running. The best time to run is early in the morning when you can also get some fresh air. Moreover, running can improve your cardiovascular fitness and strengthen your muscles. 

Running is one of the most effective ways to burn calories instantly. For instance, you can burn around 200 cal in 15 minutes just by jogging. The only difference between running and jogging is intensity. However, you should start with walking, jogging, and then running. But make sure you do not have any chronic illness and consult your doctor before running. Along with getting you in shape, running increases the energy in your body and burns fats.


Planks is another great exercise to build your stamina and flat tummy. Apart from that it will also improve your mental health and keep you at peace which is a must,  to handle Sonar matrimony preparations. The major benefit of planks includes enhanced posture, better flexibility, strengthening the core, etc. 

Both bride and the groom can totally go for this exercise along with squats or the rest of the things they are doing to maintain core strength. Planks will not just keep you in shape but also keep you healthy and in a great mood.

So, wait no more and start these fitness workouts today to ensure you get in a good shape before your Shaadi. But remember to follow a healthy diet plan as well. The exercises alone cannot help you reduce the belly fat unless you are also eating healthy. Meanwhile, being regular is another crucial point. Do not expect to something to work for you unless you are consistently working for it.


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