Discover how to get all of your mail forwarded to your place without permanently changing your address. Travelers, business people, influencers, and anyone that frequently travels for 15 days or more a few times per year have all wondered how to get their mail sent. Mail forwarding companies have been around for quite some time but not until recently they have started to blow up to the efficient and simple services they offer.

If you’d like to know more about receiving mail out of state, this article contains detailed information about how that works, the process to engage with mail forwarding companies, and the benefits it provides you with.

Receiving Mail Out Of State

Mail forwarding services allow you to receive mail and packages anywhere in the world, such as federal and tax notices, paper statements, magazines, packages, etc) without having to permanently change your address. This can be done through specialized mail forwarding companies such as DakotaPost, UPS, USPS, and others.

How Does Receiving Mail Out Of State Work?

The most common method for receiving mail out of state is by engaging with a mail forwarding company. They give you a secure mail facility address you can share with family, friends, and businesses (as well as other important people that might send you mail) where professional and trustworthy operators handle your mail in two slightly different ways you can choose according to your needs and budget.

Both options imply these operators, employed by the company you engage with, upload items (letters, bills, packages, etc) to your virtual mailbox and then you choose what to do with them, which leads us two the two slightly different ways they handle your mail. The first one grants permission to this company to scan your mail so that you can have a digital version and no paper needed, and the other one allows you to select which mail you’d like to get physically forwarded without anyone having to open your mail.

Depending on the company chosen there might be other options such as shipping your packages, discarding junk mail, holding for later, and even depositing checks into your bank account. All of this can only be done after filling out an online form informing USPS that you’ve temporarily changed your address and wish to receive mail in that one specifically.

Benefits Of Receiving Mail Out Of State

Receiving mail out of state has more benefits than you might be thinking, as well as the number of people it helps. Frequent travelers, entrepreneurs, influencers, and employees who have to stay in various cities during the year all have one thing in common: they receive mail. But how do they keep track of everything and have their stuff delivered without changing their permanent address? They engage with a mail forwarding company that securely handles all of their mail and either opens them (with consent) and scans them to upload on a virtual mailbox or inform users of the mail that they received and then choose if they wish to get them physically forward, destroyer or held for later.

Some of the benefits of receiving mail out of state include freely traveling anywhere in the world without having to worry about how you’re going to get your important documents delivered, peace of mind knowing that other people handle your mail so you don’t have to worry about it, less space occupied in your home/office due to post offices physically storing it as well as easy and fast services that save you up a lot of time such as discarding your mail, forwarding to another address than the one provided, and more.

The Bottom Line

Receiving mail out of state is not something hard or expensive to do it is something very affordable if you compare all the benefits and services it provides you with. The process is simple and doesn’t take long until you start receiving your mail and packages to the address you provide, and the fact that you can have access to all of your mail with the help of your phone is a huge life-saver and one-of-a-kind tool.

Many companies provide users with these services such as Dakota Post, UPS, and others, which all offer the same service but with a few differences that can fit your needs and budget.


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