How to increase b2b leads without using paid ads – 2021

Lead generation can be tricky. You have to do meticulous research first. Who is your audience? Why would they need you? You have to test different approaches then determine which one works the best for you. Once you figure this out, the process can be more manageable. Now, B2B Lead Generation is a whole new situation. It’s another level of difficulty.

From the name itself, B2B businesses seek out other businesses who in turn may be B2C (business-to-consumer) or also B2B. B2B (business-to-business) lead generation is the process of acquiring new leads for the business that markets and sells to another business. For example, a customer relationship management software company will seek out leads for other businesses because only businesses can have customers to manage. Similarly, a retail company for ready-to-wear clothes will generally seek leads for consumers.

So, the level of thinking when it comes to this kind of lead generation also branches out to the audience of your audience. Who is their audience, and why should their audience prefer working with a business like your potential client? This makes it trickier than your standard lead generation.

We understand that the pandemic has made things even harder. Lots of businesses have either closed down or have problems with finding quality B2B leads.  Well, in this guide, we can help you with the basics of B2B lead generation. We’ll also help you identify the best B2B lead generations strategies in 2021.

Key channels for B2B lead generation

You can do B2B lead generation, online, offline or both. It can also be inbound, outbound or paid.  Inbound B2B lead generation is when you create blogs, Youtube videos, or use your social media sites such Instagram, Facebook and the like to gather interest for your business. You put out some content, and people are already interested in what you have to offer, so leads are coming into you.

Outbound lead generation is when you use cold email or send a LinkedIn message to a random person on the platform. This when you reach out to another person or company to drum up some interest for your business. You don’t know these people, and they don’t know you. As such, you have to try your best to create a strong impression to generate interest for your products and services.

Paid lead generation is any form of paid advertising to generate leads, such as Youtube Ads or Facebook Ads. It’s sometimes categorised as an inbound lead generation. However, it’s not as if these people know you and are coming to you. It’s also not outbound lead generation because instead of a cold email, you’re making them watch an ad so that they can click the link to go to your website. Paid lead generation is another pillar of B2B lead generation wherein you prospect for leads and then capture these leads to get their contact information and put them through your sales process.

Aligning your lead generation within your sales funnel

It’s important to define your sales funnel first before you can start generating leads. Don’t capture leads when you don’t know where to put them because these leads will end up getting lost and wasted.

Generally speaking, most leads aren’t ready to make a purchase yet after visiting your website for the first time or even after you contact them for the first time. As such, you must establish the sales funnel in the early stages. Leads require a long sales cycle before you can convert them into paying customers. So, instead of being shortsighted and focusing on immediate sales, be patient and build a strong relationship with your leads.

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