Still scrolling through the blouse design to pick a perfect one for attending a wedding? Well, we know the struggle. So here are some effective and easy tips to help you select the right blouse design for your beautiful lehenga. Keep reading to follow!

Your blouse plays a primary role in accentuating your look with the lehenga. A perfect Lehenga blouse design is a must to compliment your traditional wear and set the overall look. But how will you decide which design will go the best with your body type? Also, there are many other factors to consider like lehenga color, the wedding function you’re attending, place of celebration, etc to go with a particular design or attire. So, below-given is a list of everything from occasion to body type that you must keep in mind before buying a blouse for your lehenga. Know all about them here!

Finalize Your Lehenga

The first step to get a perfect blouse design is to finalize your lehenga. However, some lehengas have pre-designed blouse neck and everything readymade in it. So, there is not much scope for changes or designing in it. But when you just have a piece of cloth for blouse in your lehenga, you can start the thinking process. 

The first question is do you want to design your blouse with the same cloth or buy any different piece of clothing for the blouse. Many women are now switching to the contrasting way of dress up to accentuate the look. Thus, make sure you are satisfied with the blouse piece and it is matching your lehenga and dupatta set perfectly before going with any designs for the blouse.

Know Your Body Type

No, we don’t mean if you’re slim or fat you should or shouldn’t wear a particular design. But understanding what makes you look prettier is integral. For instance, there are some designs that go with all the body types while some designs can make you look like a disaster!

Obviously, we wanna avoid that happening to you. So, make sure your blouse design is enhancing your body type and above all you feel comfortable in it. For example, long sleeves blouse designs are quite in vogue but some girls may find it suffocating or difficult to move their arms freely in the design. Others may like sleeveless blouse to raise the temperature but the same might not look great on someone with wide arms. So, the idea is to understand your body type and know if you can be fully comfortable in a specific blouse design before finalizing one.

Go to Your Regular Tailor

Trying a new tailor with an expensive blouse piece or for an integral function is a big NO! We suggest, go to your regular tailor for stitching any expensive piece of clothing. You might hear all the praises for this new tailor but he doesn’t know your body type and can mess things up for you.

Your old tailor knows your taste, length and body type. So, it is better to stick to them for any lehenga design or blouse. However, if you are unsure about his skills with any intricate or complicated blouse design, test your new tailor with some simple pieces of clothing first. Give him any spare cloth and ask for the usual blouse design. Once you are sure about the fitting and length, go ahead with your premium lehenga blouse design now.

Design According to the Fabric

The fabric of your blouse also has a lot to do with your blouse design. You can either watch a youtube video or ask your tailor to suggest a design best suited for a particular fabric. In case, there is any specific blouse design in your head you must consult your tailor beforehand and take suggestions about the fabric you must purchase. For instance, if you want a backless deep-cut blouse for your wedding lehenga, you can go with the georgette cloth material. It is comparatively easier to make designs with this fabric and also it is body hugging and accentuates your entire look. The fabric can also make your breasts look heavier and enhances the whole femininity in you!

So, these are some of the points, you must take into consideration before choosing any blouse design for your lehenga. Moreover, the youtube video tutorials are always available for maximum help!

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