While we are delighted to be moving on to 2022 from many things from 2021 that are past now, it appears that grey hair has become a legacy trend that is most definitely here to stay, based on google searches. Of course, if your hair is naturally grey and you want to stop dyeing it, there are a few things you should know. 

Females love these styles because they make ladies appear younger. There are, however, some lengthier and shorter choices to think about. Here are some various hairstyles for women over 70 to assist you to make your decision.

Best Hairstyles For Women Over 70

Simple Baby Bangs 

In this hectic life, Nobody wants to spend an inordinate amount of time shaping their hair so try baby bangs! They are really simple to handle and care for and look fantastic with any haircut.

Gray and Layered

Gray hair may still seem youthful with today’s haircuts, which combine long layers for slightly curled tips. Mature women look best with hair that falls just below the shoulders this ‘do is a nice feminine option to shorter hair.

Classic Bob

Select a traditional hairstyle like this bob cut if your hair is thinning and stick straight. Bob can lead off the gorgeous color dimension that comes with naturally growing whites or put platinum highlights on gray hair. It’s also a no-nonsense, low-maintenance look that’s perfect for busy ladies.

Short Layered Gray Bob 

Short silver hair can be treated in a variety of ways, but wavy layers are one of the simplest! Allow your naturally wavy hair to air dry and add a sea salt spray when it’s damp to achieve those piece-y waves.

Longer SideBurns 

With these textured hairstyles for women over 70, you can show off your salt-and-pepper hair, which is shorter in the back and has longer portions framing the face.

How To Adopt And Style Your Gray Hair

Please keep in mind that your trip to gray will be determined by your present hair color, length, texture, and personal aspirations. However, there are a few basic procedures that stylists typically take to ensure a smooth transition.

Have patience

According to Duenas, hair grows around a half-inch per month, so depending on how much help you get with highlights, the graying process can be semi-long. However, don’t give up! Behind you arrive, the care will be much easier, and the ending will be well worth it.

Start With Highlights 

“If you have color-treated hair, we will propose lightening it with highlights overtime to help with the blending process.

Try a purple shampoo

A purple toning shampoo can help if you have blonde hair that needs to be blended or dingier grays that need to be brightened. Aloxxi’s Violet Shampoo comes highly recommended by Duenas. 

Take a supplement

If you have dyed hair, a hair growth supplement like Viviscal, according to Roszak, could hasten the appearance of new grays while also ensuring their health and readiness for their close-up.

Resist The Curl

The only downside to styling gray hair is that it’s coarse and curly, so conditioner is your best friend.

Consider A Cut

If you don’t want to stick around to let the grays stretch, you can start a new cut with a haircut. Sometimes there are years and years of color on the hair, and beginning over may be amazing, adding that “a gray bob is really attractive.” Aside from that, there isn’t a single look that works best with gray. Simply go with your gut instinct and do what makes you happy.

Totally Committed

It might be difficult to let go of long-held hair color, but it can also be a pleasant experience. As with any major shift, processing the decision to go gray is critical. “It is critical to totally commit and embrace it.”

Why Do We Get Grey Hair?

Age And Genetics

Grey hair is hair that no longer has any color, and as your body ages, so does your melanin production. Melanin is a pigment, a complex polymer, that gives your hair its color.

Health-related Causes

There are a number of health conditions that have been found in research to alter the color of your hair. In such instances, it is critical to visit a medical practitioner and adhere to a treatment plan in order to minimize the impact on your health (and hair).

Poor Diet 

We’re all guilty of not eating enough fruits and veggies, but if your body is lacking in important nutrients such as vitamins, iron, and copper, the imbalance can show up in your hair and skin.


Last but not least, there is stress. Take a deep breath since one of the easiest methods to slow the greying process is to eliminate any unneeded tension from your day. Furthermore, tearing your hair out on a frequent basis isn’t going to assist issues. Simply maintain your cool.

Wrapping Up

In the above article, we have tried to tell you about how you can make your fray hair party-worthy. Also, we have told you some of the hairstyles that you should apply to look awesome. Go for it


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