Almost everyone has a morning routine that helps them function through the rest of the day. A set schedule that they do every day. This schedule usually includes a beverage of some sort; it could be plain milk, green tea, matcha or sencha, or coffee, and the like. Wherever people get their cuppa from, they will have to take it in a “to-go” cup so that they can enjoy it as they travel to work or school. These plastic or paper cups end up in landfills after a period, which amounts to almost 60,000kgs in Australia. But thanks to reusable coffee cups in Australia, landfill statistics have shown a drop in the past few years.


An individual’s morning cuppa is a ritual. It is a signal that everything’s going as expected and helps them prepare for the rest of the day. This integral role of the beverage makes it an experience. A reusable cup should help maintain the experience as best as possible. Today, these reusable cups are almost a staple in many homes, but brands like Huskee have reimagined them and their purpose. Cups made from the husk of coffee beans are available now, and they are reusable, robust and trendy. 

Usually, reusable cups are made from plastic or stainless steel and are more functional than aesthetic. But plastic is just as damaging as “use and throw” cups that end up in landfills. Reusable cups made from coffee bean husks are the next big revolution. It uses the byproducts from the coffee production process, which would otherwise go to waste disposal. These cups are the most environmentally friendly products available on the market. Besides the love for the planet, these cups also offer several other advantages.

Keeping it Hot

Generally, people prefer hot beverages in the morning, and that is what these cups promise. They maintain temperatures longer than the regular reusable cups, ensuring piping hot coffee after one reaches work. 

Just as Strong

These reusable cups come from coffee bean husks which are more durable than ceramic or plastic. They don’t chip or break and are long-lasting. They can hold any beverage, juice or drink.

Where Size Matters

Cafes usually offer beverages in three sizes, and this is a global standard. Reusable coffee cups come in all three dimensions. This universality makes them a hit amongst baristas and cafes, who have replaced their usual cups with these cups made from coffee husks. Many restaurants in Australia have loyalty programs for their customers, and each customer gets their personalized reusable cup. Every customer using this cup lessens their contribution to landfill pollution and more.

Caring About The Planet Throughout the Process

Reusable cups made from coffee husks use natural and environmentally-friendly processes in their manufacturing. No hazardous chemicals come into play during any part of the process, and the cups are BPA free. The complete process only uses natural resources and gives no harmful byproducts. If people want a new mug, they can dispose of this one without harming the planet, though the cups endure for several years. 

Staying in Trend

Reusable coffee cups in Australia are an official Instagram trend. For example, cups from Huskee made from coffee husks are all over Instagram as baristas and cafes post them on their official handles and pages. These cups are minimalistic and trendy. They come in various colours and patterns, allowing people to choose the one that flaunts their taste.

People in Australia consume almost 50,000 cups of coffee every half hour. That number adds to the amount of waste in landfills. Switching to reusable coffee cups makes people look trendy and contribute to the planet and the country. 

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