Goa being an important tourist destination, has some hidden places that most of tourists are unaware of some of those places include,


It is located in south goa. This comprises an area of about 80sq.kms. It is the second largest woodland in goa. It supports a diverse range of vegetation and wildlife.Some of the animals there include Hyenas, panthers, tigers, lions etc. This is the best spot for nature lovers in goa. Best time to visit: 

October to march 2.CUMBARJUA CANAL

The reason why this is hidden is mainly because of its challenging path. First you need to take a ferry ride from cortalim jetty and cross the zuari river to reach cambarjua canal. This is quite challenging. The canal is surrounded by dense tropical forests. It would take nearly three hours for you to reach the place but it’s all worth it. Best time to visit: June-November


It is also called  the tiger beach. This is one among the most hidden places in goa. You could completely enjoy your solitude over here. You can enjoy the beautiful weather, beautiful ocean and  nature. Best time to visit: January to June


It is located in a village called netravali. This is not actually a lake, it is more like a pond. There are man-made steps leading down to water. The name, “bubbling lake” is because of the bubbles that rise to the surface.The bubbles come up to the surface continuously and burst.    

Best time to visit:October- march


Chorla Ghats lies on the goa-Karnataka border. During monsoon this is one of the best places for you to visit. You could go on a road trip, enjoy  playing in the waterfalls, or go for a trek. It consists of  varieties of flora and fauna.

Best time to visit:

June and September    


The falls is around 50 meters above  the ground. This would be a great place for you to enjoy with your friends. This place is rarely explored by tourists. This is in the midst of woodland and a great place for adventures too.

Best time to visit:

September-January 7.TORDA LAKE

This again is one among the most secret places in goa. You can take a boat ride to reach here or you can go with a road trip too. When you go for a road trip you could see varieties of flora and fauna. This would be a perfect spot to enjoy your weekend. Best time to visit:

June-September 8.FORT TIRACOL

This is located near Tiracol river. To reach the fort you need to put in a lot of effort. You need to take a ferry ride upto 43km from the city through rivers. This is an important reason why this place still remains unexplored. Best time to visit:

October to march 9.Dr.SALIM ALI BIRD SANCTUARY

This is located in Panaj. This is not much visited by tourists. This is the best for nature lovers. This sanctuary is found near the amazing Mandoli river. Birds like Kingfishers, kites, woodpeckers etc can be seen here. Also species like Jackals, Python, etc can also be found. Best time to visit:



This lies in a village called Rivona. History says that these caves were brought up by the Buddhist monks. It has a Hanuman statue at the entrance, so you could also find devotees at the place.If you enjoy the outdoors, this is the spot for you. 



It is located near the sinquerim beach. This was built in the year 1612, many trade ships used this place as anchor spot. This was also an armor against the attacks of Dutch and Marathas.  You could enjoy the view of Sinquerim beach from the fort and at the beach you could do things like jet skiing and surfing. Best time to visit:January-June


This is one of the places that is celebrated very much among localities. These carvings belong to the Buddhist ancestors. Stories say that Pandeva’s from Mahabharata used these caves as their shelter. Some others say that the whole cave is carved from one single rock. Best time to visit: September-June


Pequeno island is the best place for people who seek adventure. You could witness a variety of species of fish, take a good swim. This is a great place to enjoy your solitude or have fun with your buddies and also to spend quality time with your family.


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