Pawna Lake is a prominent tourist spot in Maharashtra. Tourists from all over the country come to appreciate the area’s tranquil beauty. The location is renowned not just for the adjacent historic sites, as well as for the backcountry camping experience. The adventurers adore the spot since they can spend the night underneath the stars. Pawna Lake camping is all a person dreams of when thinking about adventure.Pawna Lake is an excellent area to get away from the rush of city life.. Visitors to the area may participate in a variety of activities such as canoeing on the lake, sightseeing in the surrounding area, and watching the sunset. 

About the camping:

Pawna Lake is really nothing short of a camper’s dream. The location is most known for its camping spot. Camping packages are available from a variety of organisations at Pawna Lake. Depending on the product you choose, you may enjoy a variety of amenities when camping at Pawna Lake. The spot is flanked by aerial hills, which contributes to its charm. Those who wish to get away from it all can visit the location for a fantastic experience. Pawna Lake is regarded as a work of nature’s art. Pawna Lake glamping is a fantastic experience that you have never had before. 

This is a moment you will never forget, from taking in the picturesque grandeur of the area to lying on the soft grass beneath a starry sky. This is a location to visit with friends. You may, however, go hiking with your family. Pawna Reservoir is a less-explored location, although its significance has grown since the building of the Pawna Dam. This unspoiled resort is remote, but it is still near the city. It is easily accessible and is located upon that old Mumbai-Pune route. 

The peaceful ambience and stunning sunset views are what make this location unique for camping. It’s sheer delight to sit by the water with your pals. There is no other sensation like camping at Pawna Lake in the middle of nature. Taking a respite in nature’s lap, away from the rush and clamour of city life, is the most enjoyable thing you can do in life. In the lake, you may participate in a range of activities. Aside from sightseeing, you may go canoeing, boating, and participate in other activities. If you enjoy camping and other outdoor activities, you should go with some friends and family. At night, glamping near Pawna Lake is the nicest experience anyone can have. 

Best time to visit:

Pawna Lakes is a beautiful lake in Maharashtra. Though you may visit the lake at any time of year, the ideal months to visit are January through May and October through December. During this time of year, the weather in the state is ideal for a trip to the lake. You will discover it in all its splendour, and the weather will not interfere with your experience of taking in the grandeur of the surroundings. When that comes to camping at Pawna Lake, these are the finest months to go. 

Any traveller needs and desires less rain and more dry weather when camping anyplace. If you visit the lake around the opening of the year, you will discover that waking up to the gorgeous dawn and planning your day ahead of time is ideal. Also, if you visit in December, you will enjoy mild winds that will make your vacation in the campgrounds more enjoyable. Certain seasons also hopefully allow in daring activities, which is essential if you want a vacation to remember.

Itinerary of the pawna lake camping:

Car or rail are the two main ways to get to Pawna Lake from Mumbai or Pune.We recommend that you take the quickest path to Pawna Lake from Pune since it is the shortest route. This, however, only applies to tourists from Pune or other regions of the nation. If you live in Mumbai, you may go to your destination from there. 

  1. Pune to kamshet: 

Kamshet may be reached by rail and road. It’s simple to go to Pawna Lake from Kamshet. To get to the Lake, all you have to do is hire a shared jeep.

You may relax by the lake during the first day of vacation at Pawna lake camping in Pune. While snacking on some munchies, take in the wonderful environment. The lake lies surrounded by lush greenery. The forts of Visapor, Lohagad, Tikona, and Tung are all adjacent to the lake. The eyes are delighted by the tranquil beauty of the location mixed with the forts.

Swimming, kayaking, and boating are some of the things that you may do while camping at Pawna Lake in Pune. Camping at Pawna Lake isn’t complete without taking advantage of the lake’s aquatic activities.

  1. Kamshet to pune:

Get up early the next morning on the first day to enjoy the breathtaking sunrise. Take a lengthy stroll to get in touch with nature, then sit down to a delicious brunch. You may go bathing and have a nice time at the beach if you want to. Kayaking, canoeing, and rowing are some of the various water sports available.

You and your team can go investigate the lake’s surroundings before getting ready to leave. Before that, go night camping in Pawna Lake for a great experience. 


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