Bhandardara is a village in the western Ghats of India, close to Igatpuri. Campsite at Lake Bhandardara is one of the most wonderful and favorite campsites for nature lovers. Located in the western Indian Ghats near Igatpuri, this is an important tourist destination for its natural beauty, and for the many nearby attractions including the mountains, the Wilson Dam and Lake Arthur.

Camp Bhandardara by the lake is a perfect spot to stay and take a break in nature’s lap. Full of cozy tents and mattresses, the place has clean and safe toilets to make the place much more stunning.


Summers see an uptick in tourist numbers; however, monsoons and winters will be better for visiting Bhandardara with the cold, breezy air. The best time to camp in Bhandardara is from June to March.


Once you have camped in the untouched lake of Bhandardara, start exploring your environment. Any camping packages carry you to the sparkling waters of the lake on a cruise trip. The real excitement starts when the dark comes closer. The hypocritical sunset makes way for a bright star-filled sky. In fact, people are using cameras and telescopes to admire the fog free night sky and the free clouds. Campers light a feast, and some also bring with them their musical instruments. The evening is all about starry music and dancing. Bhandardara is really safe for camping because wild predators don’t exist.

Hiking and trekking paths

Bhandardara has a variety of hiking and trekking paths. A hike to the Ratangad fort is one such. Ratangad is an old hilltop castle in the town of Ratanwadi and one of Maharashtra’s strongest forts. Located at 4,250 feet in height, the successful Maratha rebel Shivaji used the 400-year-old Fort. Every hiker is amazed by Ratangad Fort. The fort is full of fountains and caves. A trek to the fort offers you a beautiful view of the valley. The 4-hour hiking through fields and dense woods across the river Pravara is a recreational and adventurous experience.

Harishchandragad fort trekking

The Harishchandragad fort is another favorite trekking location. This fort was founded during the Kalchuri dynasty in the 6th century. Rohidas, Taramati, and Harishchandra are the three peaks in Harishchandragad. These peaks have a scenic and panoramic view of the region. The hiking trail from the nearby village of Pachnai is a 5-kilometer walk through green woods and rugged areas. It is a fairly challenging hike, but it is a rich experience. On the top, you can camp.

Arthur Lake is a bus stop within 500 meters of Arthur Lake, also known as Arthur Hill Lagoon or Bhandardara Lagoon because of the Wilson Dam, fed by the Pravara River. The 34 kilometer lake serves as a Wilson Dam’s reservoir. It is one of India’s largest dams. The Randha Falls are the most spectacular feature of the lake. Surrounded by the Sahyadri Hills’ thick green forests, you will certainly enjoy a boat trip on Lake Arthur, with its beautiful environment and tranquil waters. Other popular attractions close by include Ghatghar, Mount Kalsubai, Umbrella Falls and Sandhan Valley.


Igatpuri is 45kilometers from the destination and the closest railway station to Bhandardara. The Mumbai-Nasik railway sits at Igatpuri railway station. You can take either a taxi or a bus from the station. It can also be reached conveniently via other paths.

The sunny day, luminous sunlight on the trees and the colors produced by the towering trees are something that many tourists will use as a magnet. The rising temperatures might, however, prove a major impediment to the programme. Summer also brings waterfalls in the dry season, which makes the experience much less thrilling. During the winter season is the perfect time to go for the best camping in Bhandardara. In the course of this season one will observe the finest circumstances in existence. Misty tiara shapes over the head, playing with the tips of high trees, still at an acceptable temperature, and the chilly winds breeze the weather to make winter heavenly. Winter season. All who want to search the nearby waterfalls should attempt to camp in the monsoon. This is where the falls roar and are crooked. The best months to try camping in Bhandardara are therefore from June to March.


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