Northern beaches are a favorites tourist destination in Sydney. Planning a trip to Northern beaches is a great idea for a vacation. With many northern beaches holiday rentals, accommodation is the last thing to worry about. 

After finding a perfect place to reside in, the next thing any travel enthusiast looks at is how his/her trip can be made memorable. This article talks about some offbeat things to try out during the trip to Northern beaches.

Offbeat things to do at the Northern beaches

  • Renting a bike at Manly Beach- Manly Beach is a bike-friendly beach and hence is safe for adults and children alone. The separate bike paths and off-road trails give a unique experience to the riders. The terrain of Manly beach and its surroundings are flat, and hence renting a bike is a fun way to explore the local culture. There are bike racks in many places to give riders a good rest midway.

While choosing a rental service, always choose a service that is licensed and insured.

  • Explore Palm Beach by Sea Plane- Booking an aeroplane ride is a unique way to explore the Northern beaches. The journey covers Palm Beach, Pittwater, and Hawkesbury. Though the tickets are expensive, the experience is worth the price and unforgettable. The flights can be taken to enjoy the scenic beauty, to fly and dine, and also to explore and dine at some less unexplored gems of the Northern Beach. For the fly and dine package, customers can choose from a restaurant that is 5 minutes away from the aeroplane base to an Australian restaurant designed in the French style.
  • Learn Stand-Up Paddling at Narrabeen Lakes- There are paddle boats and normal rentals in and around Narrabeen lake. Hiring a boat and going on a solo trip to explore the lake is a fun activity that can give some adrenaline rush.

These rentals also provide tourists and visitors stand-up paddling for those excited to learn something new. With experts by the side, stand-up paddling can be tried out by both experts who know their ways well around the waters and also amateurs who require extra guidance.

  • Hire a yacht or catamaran at Bayview- Nothing suits best than a yacht or a catamaran to explore the blue waters of Bayview. Rentals near Bayview offer a wide range of yachts, catamarans, and powerboats. Spending the day on-board enjoying the blue seas, hot winds, warm waters, and sunbathing at the deck is a wonderful way to make memories.
  • Ferry your way to Scotland Island- Ferry rides from Pittwater to Scotland Island, and Western Foreshore is an interesting way to explore Pittwater. The ferry leaves from Church Point, Pittwater, on an hourly basis. Both VISA and master cards are accepted at the ferry stations, and hence booking a ride is easy for tourists. Taking a ride to the North facing Tennis Wharf and having a picnic there is one of the numerous ways to make the trip more fruitful. One of the stops at Western Foreshore is called Lovett Bay, a place about which famous writer Susan Duncan talks about in her work Salvation Creek.

Since Northern beaches holiday rentals are available at all main beaches, trying out these activities is easy and hassle-free. Most of the activities described in this article can be carried out without moving far away from the main tourist area, and hence tourists can return to their hotels easily after a tiring day.


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