Maharashtra is truly a visual delight and a superb sanctuary for travellers, from the lovely backdrop of the Himalayas to the immaculate Konkan beach front stretch. The city is known for its cultural and culinary roots, which contribute to its vibrant way of life.

The dynamic environment of the location, which is full with unique landmarks, is the reason why people flock to the well-known destination. City living may be exhausting, so taking a vacation looks to be essential. Here’s a list of the top greatest camping spots in Maharashtra which you can’t afford to miss during your next break from the daily grind!

Camping is the finest way of connecting with nature. We’ll never forget pitching a tent in the midst of beautiful foliage, warming ourselves over a bonfire, and sleep under the stars. Maharashtra is also endowed with a plethora of lovely and tranquil camping locations that actually offer divine shelter for travellers. Here are the top 6 camping spots in Maharashtra for a relaxing nature holiday.

1.Bhandara lake camping:

Camping at Bhandardara Dam or Bhandardara Lake, on the shores of Bhandardara Lake, is one of the greatest places to see the night sky. It is one of the most obscure locations to view the star kingdoms as well as the Milky Way, located in the Igatpuri area. Treks such as Sandhan Valley, Ratangad Fort, and Mt. Kalsubai may be done while camping here. When the hidden waterfalls pour with all their might during the monsoons, the scene becomes even more tranquil. Randha as well as Umbrella are two such Bhandardara waterfalls to explore during the rainy season. Wilson Dam, Arthur Lake, and Ghatghar viewpoint are among the other points of interest.

2.Pawna lake camping

Pawna camp site is yet another campground on the banks of the Pawna River. The distance between Lonavala railway station and Pawna Lake is around twenty kilometres. At Pawna, there is no better place to experience the merging of nature and history. Ancient forts including Lohgard and Tikona are well secured by that of the cool riverbanks while gazing at the outworn mountains of the Western Ghats. Outdoor activities such as white water rafting, trekking, bull carting, and other athletic activities can indeed be enjoyed at the lakeside in addition to natural contemplation. You can relax while staring at the shifting hues of the heavens at dusk but rather warm up by the bonfire that illuminates the starry night.

  1. Tikona fort:

Vitandgad, often known as Tikona because of its distinctive triangle form, is a significant hill castle in Maharashtra. This fort is 3500 feet above the water and is located in the Pawan Maval area. It has powerful fortifications, magnificent water tanks, and a tall entrance. Tikona Castle is a popular camping destination for hikers. The breathtaking view from the summit bastion makes the strenuous hike worthwhile.

  1. Kolad:

Kolad is a dreamy haven for individuals who want the best of all worlds: camping plus adventure sports. Kolad, situated on the bank of the Kundalika River, is a picturesque location that gives you a warm campfire night, an exciting trek, and water sports activities you’ve always wanted to do. As you camp along the Kundalika river, which flows through the harsh terrains of the highland woods, take in the captivating vistas of the spectacular mountains. River rafting beginners may take their turn at this water activity about an hour’s drive from Mumbai.

  1. Kaas plateau:

The Kaas Plateau, an Unesco World Heritage, is recognised for its diverse biodiversity and extensive flower cover. The botanical spectacular of Kaas Plateau, situated 1200 feet above sea level, draws people from all over the nation. While many visitors come for a hike, camping is one of the greatest ways to take in the postcard-like splendour of this location. Walk along less travelled trails and set up tents among hundreds of vibrantly blossoming flowers to fully appreciate nature’s abundance. 

  1. Gorakhgad fort:

Last but not least, add a historical touch to your camping trip. Visit Gorakhgad Fort, which has been standing for almost a century. Gorakhgad fort is named after Saint Gorakhnath, who did his Sadhana here. This site has sparked the creativity of people, who have written devotional melodies and peaceful hymns in its honour. Whereas the fort is tiny in size, it has enough water and a cosy sleeping place. Campers may go exploring in the area and visit the local dam.

These are 6 of the greatest spots to camp in Maharashtra, ranging from ancient forts to quiet lakes to a flowery haven. Add these sites to your Wishlist, rent a tent, and enjoy Maharashtra’s natural beauty in style.


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